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Re: Mwst and admin fee on parcels.

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People are asking about the value of the gift. The issue here is, I think, that I didn't know the value until I had signed for it.
It was above the MWSt value, but there was no way of me knowing that.

It just seems odd that I could send an empty box, claim it has a high value and the person receiving it has to pay the MWSt and any admin fee the delivery company deems fit to charge.

Where is the incentive to be honest in the cost of an item?

Rubbish, it is indicated on the packet and documents which you may examine before signing.

Why would anybody send an empty box, how would they know your address and where to send it, i think you should maybe step back a bit.....

The incentive, if the check, and they do check by all means possible, you will have a problem, especially if it is repeated frequently.

The authorities know all the tricks, you're a rank amateur when it comes to trying to fool them
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