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Re: Residency Requirements for a minor

I never ever said that. The reason that he is over there is for medical reasons and thats it. I was trying to be honest by saying despite his medical treatment we would like him to finish his schooling as currently he has nothing. He hasnt competed Swiss schooling nor has he competed HS. Thats all I said.

The fact is that all the surgeries could be done here. There is just a lack of expertise. This is the only reason (and the recommendations from his Doctors) why we sought treatment in the US the hospitals/ doctors have much more experience dealing with my sons type of injury as there are more cases there than here. As this is dealing with my sons future to be able to see correctly we wanted to have the most experienced, and highly regarded Dr to perform the operations to come. After a series of recommendations from Doctors across the United States, we went to a Hospital which is regarded as one of the top if not the best eye hospital in the world.

From the beginning, we were told by both the Swiss and US doctors that we would have to undergo a series of operations. Each operation would be dependent on the results of the previous ones and there needs to be enough time in between operations for the muscle to heal before they proceed with the next one. We explained this to the Migration Amt in July and when it was clear that he would be out of the country for more than 6 months we applied for the Aufrechterhaltung der Niederlassungs Bewilligung and it was approved. When asked how long he would be out of the country I could not say exactly as it was dependent on the success of each operation. It might take one operation it might take three we were unsure however there would need to be at least 6 months in between surgeries so it was decided on June 30, 2019, and I was told by the Migration Amt that if he needed to be out of the country longer we could apply for an extension.

The Dr. in the US has been treating my son ever since. Every appointment after each surgery is a follow-up as it is uncertain as what the future holds and as Dr. confirmed, there is a possibility of a 3rd surgery (which we knew was always a possibility) but this will not be determined until at least we see him at our next appointment in Nov. It can be determined that he will undergo his third eye surgery or it can be determined that there is nothing more that they can do, or they might say he needs more time. We don't know until we get there. This is how it has been ever since his accident. It is due to the nature of his injury, the complexity of his condition that makes the duration of his treatment uncertain. The last thing we want to do at this stage is to switch doctors in the middle of treatment. This, in my opinion, will create unnecessary costs to my sons insurance as another Doctor would have to review and become familiar with his case, and I don't think any Doctor would recommend switching Doctors in middle of treatment. Nothing in terms of his treatment has changed yet now we are given an ultimatum that a date needs to be set or else.

We had a letter from a Swiss Doctor saying treatment in the US made sense due to the limited cases in Switzerland and we have a letter from his current Doctor saying why it was important for him to continue treatment in the US, and it is not only because the specialized institutions but it is because of "surgical teams that are already familiar with his unique findings" . We do not have this here in Switzerland. The Dr. who is familiar with his case in Switzerland has since retired, and the two surgical teams that performed the first two operations have been less the successful. We went to Dr. in the US because he has the expertise, and treats cases such as my son on a regularly basis and not just once every two to three years. He and his surgical teams are highly qualified and have the experience and expertise to give my son the best chance to see properly again.

My son has his domicile in Switzerland. He has never given it up nor has he worked anywhere else. His family lives here, his center of interests are here. He has every intention of returning here after his medical treatment is completed and his stay aboard is temporary and due to medical reasons. I do not understand why they are being so complicated.

Then I read on this forum there are plenty of people who have left the county for more than 6 months and because they never reported their absence and get citizenship. Frustrating.

The insurance has been fantastic. They understand my sons condition and are willing to continue to cover treatment regardless on how long it takes (as long as he has a permit of course).
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