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Re: Young trailing spouse- career options?

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digital marketing is not the way
these jobs are not many and are being automatized..
the jobs that are still here are scarce.

try your luck with international companies... there are your chances to succeed the greatest.

my experience and my wife's experience is the following:
-studies abroad are of little value in Switzerland
-experience abroad is of little value in Switzerland
-what matters is job market - if many candidates exist for few positions then you are in a losing position and need to change field of activity -> start with a Swiss degree / Hochschule, entry-level position, for which you of course mostly need some experience ...
-we do not believe in miracles, we rely on them...

If you do not have a qualification wanted by the job market here it could take years .. this does not mean it must be so for everybody... so I hope you will have more luck.

Having said that...
Maybe if you like teaching this would be the way to go...there is shortage of teachers in Switzerland or at least they say so... go the the Berufsberatung office in your area and ask what it takes to be able to teach in a school.

From an expat pespective, I'll disagree - foreign experience, at least those of us who do work in International companys, is highly valued if not a absolute demand if you're sitting in "Global" and you're not from CH. How many times one will read, experience in local country and.or experience requried. And you have people getting those jobs, enter the expat.

Ergo, foreign education - albeit for most of us, doesn't come into the picture as most of us expat who did do formal education did it in our home-countries, and well that does have a value apparently for those of us who are here and working for them international companys.

At least in corporate, most of us expats who are here are here because we had a valued experience in our home or prior countries, suffice for a company to hire us and pay our relocation and visa expenses.

I agree job market matters. Now for this person, I probably would challenge that entrepreneur ship is also something to be considered. Alot of trailing spouses do that - and they do make income. Not mention language.

And not said...language. Now I speak zero languages, no German, no Italian, no French, I only depend on my deep experiences to work in English only in here so bad, year 10 and about 6 companys in CH as a permanant FTE i know about competeting in the CH market with out a local language.
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