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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I'll try to keep it simple for you as apparently nothing else works.

The main ingredient used in bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite.
Sodium Hypochlorite in water releases Chlorine
It is the chlorine that is the bleaching agent.
A solution of Chlorine in water (i.e. bleach) is used in the US to wash chicken.

Edit - I've got a degree in Chemistry. Your call...
So you have a degree, do you? You must be such fun at parties.

I'm afraid you'll have to try again though. Sodium hypochlorite is not used in washing chicken carcasses.

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For the nth time, No.

The EU has minimum animal welfare standards; something I'm pretty sure would be supported by the majority of EU consumers (Particularly and ironically the Brits). If an importer is allowed to undermine those standards then those imports become unfair competition.

If the US would be prepared to raise its standards to the EU level (which are generally still too low btw), there would be no problem with importing anything. They already do it with beef (not allowed to be hormone treated in the EU so the US have non-hormone treated production....or possibly they cheat but that is another story). Nothing to stop them with chicken. But to allow their overcrowding of birds but using bleach to disguise the result is clearly unfair against EU producers.
I'll ask you the same thing as I asked belleblue: are food standards in Brazil higher than in the US?
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