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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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A degree in chemistry?!!! They're a lot of fun at parties. You've led a sheltered life lad 😂
Saying "I have a degree" to prove your point is only marginally less cringeworthy than "I'm a teacher", "I'm a vegan", "I'm from Wigan Yorkshire" or "I have an MBA".

Aaand this is why we need experts, you've absolutely whooshsed on the point that was being made then we'll explain if you need it.
You're wrong. It's Bad Science, it's terribly misleading, and it's why "expert opinion" (Lol), should always be questioned. Whilst one could argue that in some cases a chlorine solution containing a bleaching agent in minute concentrations may be used in antibacterial washes, to say it's bleach (household/industrial chemical typically based on sodium hypochlorite) is just false.

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Irrelevant. The relevant measure are EU standards.

US chicken don't meet EU standards hence no imports. Brazilian chicken do hence they're allowed in, except for those that don't, obviously. Likewise with US vs Argentinian beef, to mention another case.
It's not irrelevant, it proves the point I'm making. There were calls to ban Brazilian chicken imports in 2017 due to quality fears. Only certain Brazilian meat plants were affected in 2018, instead of a complete ban, yet in spite of all this salmonella infected chicken is still arriving in the EU. Where is the ban now? Do you not see the double standards? Do you not see that the EU is only banning chlorine washed chicken to protect EU farmers? Do you not see that whilst people are pulling their hair out over the prospect of chlorine washed chicken, there is already substandard meat arriving in the EU?
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