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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It's not irrelevant, it proves the point I'm making. There were calls to ban Brazilian chicken imports in 2017 due to quality fears. Only certain Brazilian meat plants were affected in 2018, instead of a complete ban, yet in spite of all this salmonella infected chicken is still arriving in the EU. Where is the ban now? Do you not see the double standards?
The article you linked is complete chaos. The timeline is completely unclear, and the author mixes weight and shipments at will. At best it's done deliberately, but it may just as well be due to sheer incompetence to generate as many clicks as doable. I'm not sure which is worse.

Just one example, what time do the "20 months" cover? The first or the last 20 months of those two years, or some completely unrelated time?
"At least 1,359 tonnes – the equivalent of about a million birds – of contaminated poultry was exported to the UK in that period [the two years since April 2017]"
"An analysis of internal documents obtained from the FSA and international shipping records reveal how the companies between them shipped at least 400 tonnes of contaminated chicken to the UK over 20 months."

Still ...
"Thirteen shipments of contaminated chicken from Brazil have been detected by UK border inspectors in 2019. "
... which looks like a big drop but it's impossible to assess by how much due to the switches from weight to shipment and back.
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Do you not see that the EU is only banning chlorine washed chicken to protect EU farmers?
Of course they try to protect the domestic industries. It's their fricking job!

Now, banning chlorine may have effects to that end but that doesn't mean it's the primary motive. For instance standards in raising the chicken aren't met in the US either. Even if the chlorine issue were resolved, the latter would still keep US imports out of the EU.
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Do you not see that whilst people are pulling their hair out over the prospect of chlorine washed chicken, there is already substandard meat arriving in the EU?
What I do see is that the problem is being worked on, and from the looks of it successfully, see the third quote from it. But again, your article is too chaotic to assess the amount of success with certainty.
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