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Re: How should one use an electric fan?

A fan does not cool, it only distributes. Point it at a cold wall and the air in the room will just make the wall heat up quicker. Point it at an open window it will blow the air from your room out but this will be replaced with air from the outside, so no solution on summer days. They only give a feeling of cooler due to more airflow over your body so your sweat vaporises faster giving you the cooler sensation, this also is the cause that the moment you turn the fan off it feels so damn hot right away.

Put a bottle of water in the freezer and keep a frozen bottle right up front of the freezer and the fan will actually blow cooler air. (tho your freezer will transport the heat it first sucked out of the bottle into your kitchen...)

Only proper solution is an airco.

And have a good schedule with opening/closing windows/blinds.
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