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Re: How should one use an electric fan?

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Sure, you plug it in and hit the button, as I've been doing for many years. Something else I've always done (if I'm on my own) is to point it straight at where I'm sitting, on the assumption that this offers maximum cooling power. I'm talking about both a normal desk fan, and also the bigger floor-standing type.

I now think I may have had it all wrong. I read that it's more effective to point it a cool wall, to produce cooler air rebounding off the surface. And/or to point it downwards. When I mentioned this to a friend yesterday, he said he'd never heard that, but that he had always believed it's best to let the fan swing round, rather than have it on the static setting -- even if on your own.

Have my instincts been wrong all these years? Perhaps this is a future PhD for someone, but just in case the scientific answer is already known, can anyone provide a definitive answer please? Or failing that, some good old anecdotal belief/preference? Thank you.
Shame on you. Such a blatant waste of world resources
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