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Re: Happy - are you?

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I have actually been banned once, and for calling people out for what they are as always when they bully others, mostly newbies.

Actually 'Chuff' .. if you knew me (and not think you know me) I don't drink, don't smoke, don't take drugs, don't eat processed food, don't overdo time on the internet and I'm completely well-balanced. As for my state of mind, I've never been happier, I sleep between 9pm and 6am minimum 8hrs a night. It's an amazing way to cure 'depression' ...

You don't sound at all balanced, looking on here to somehow gain some kind of value to yourself. Sad. Good luck.
If you have to spend time and energy telling people you are well balanced, then you are likely not well balanced. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself more than anyone else, because otherwise why would you be here trying to prove it? A happy and well balanced person simply doesn't waste their time and energy doing this on internet forums with random strangers. It reeks of insecurity.

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So to give you some help 3Wishes I won't post anymore on this thread but I will finally say that the once great forum is overun with bored, uninspriring bullies who can't seem to grasp that everyone can have their say. I wish you all get good jobs rather than lurk on here all day and jump on any poster who has a slightly different opinion to yours, some even going out of their way to troll posters when they move around on EF and get very personal. How sad you're lives turned out, happy? Not really I think, take a year off the forum why not (please)?

Same old spiel from you every time... you lose your rag, are unable to articulate yourself and resort to a slew of personal insults. The fact you seem to be deluding yourself into thinking this behaviour is "perfectly normal and well-balanced" speaks volumes.
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