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Re: Happy - are you?

I think the expectation to be happy partly to blame for the massive rise in the number of people being treated for depression in the developed world. In order to be happy I think you also have to be able to endure being unhappy. Being unhappy or sad is not the same as being depressed, and the medicalisation of the language used to describe the normal fluctuation of human emotion is leading to the misdiagnosis of depression.

Half the problem is that these days people expect to be happy and have good mental health, in a similar way that people expect to have good physical health. It's really a first world problem, exacerbated by almost an obsession with mental health; that this thread is there only illustrates the point. Depression is now the most common illness treated by doctors in the UK, in Africa it barely makes the top ten. We're constantly told now what emotions are positive and what are negative, and then trying to interpret these emotions through the medical prism of mental illness. People need to remember that anxiety and stress can be good things that can be used well.
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