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Re: Leaving flat in Lausanne with Domicim and Swisscaution... Get prepared!

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They really say you owe the premium even though no new damage can be caused once you've moved out already.

Yes, that's what I thought this is why I want to act now in order to avoid the scenario.

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Perhaps you can replace the insurance by an ordinary deposit before you give notice?

That's actually a great idea! I will contact Domicim immediately saying that I want to open a normal deposit account. They should be happy about it, no? I mean, for them an ordinary account should be better than Swisscaution.

The only thing I wonder is: how will they react if I also tell them that I want to leave the flat in November? Just to be safe I will try to do the deposit and Swisscaution cancellation *before* I give them notice of leaving the flat, but I don't know if there's gonna be enough time.

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Yet another reason to not use them.

You're absolutely right I did not want to use Swisscaution, but unfortunately there were some timing issues, and it seemed that doing the Swisscaution thing was faster than opening a deposit account at UBS. A matter of few days, but those made the difference.

Just for completeness, I checked, and it is not true that I did not pay the premium in 2018, I did but it was a reduced one. Actually it was shameful, it was almost 100% of the normal yearly premium, even if it was just for the month of December! Swisscaution = evil.

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Your form is a duplicate, you need the original (and signed) that's in the regie's possession.

Yeah, could be. Not that it makes any difference without both signatures

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If you want to leave without hassle, maybe don't call the company a-holes on a publicly viewable forum.

Oh, did I mistakenly write a-holes? So sorry, I meant honest gentelemen
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