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Re: Where do you get oil?

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I realize you said you don't know the neighbors, but this might be a good opportunity to introduce yourself and ask what they do.

The reason I bring this up is that the homeowners in our neighborhood buy as a group because we can get a much better price for a bulk purchase than what one could get as an individual. There might be such an arrangement among your neighbors.

Lots of neighborhoods do this, formally or informally.

(Our neighborhood usually buys from AVIA Mächler & Zürcher. I don't think they deliver to your area, but another AVIA affiliate might. Perhaps worth looking into.)


Another option is Landi. The stores should have a Heizöl price board, keep an eye on it, and ask the helpful staff their opinions of which way the price might swing.
I don't think this will work for me, but I'll try. I bought a block of flats, so my neighbors are (I'm guessing) relying on a groundskeeper to sort out the heating then pay a part of it.. maybe I'll try to figure out what company manages their flats.
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