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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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Operation whatabouterry from Labour HQ in full swing then. I don’t know what’s funnier, that they think it’ll stuff works, or that they’re comparing “Islamophobia” to the antisemitism rife in the Labour Party.
Not sure why you find it funny when people are judging which religious group is the most aggrieved or who has dibs on being the most outraged. Why is one religious group more important than another in politics?

From my point of view all religions are equally moronic and it’s madness that it’s allowed to dominate politics in this way but, hey, seems to be important to some people.

It’s a shame there are no adults in politics these days.

What is funny is the ‘whataboutary’ bleating seems to now be the right-wing version of the left’s ‘SJW’ label.