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Re: Yova - seeking online invest. insights

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I consider using yova for quick, easy and responsible investments. Are they legit? Is their model/platform 'good value'?

All input appreciated.

I am a customer. They are legit. They actually do regular open nights where you can go and meet the team, visit their offices, get to speak with staff about investments, your portfolio...

As for some of the comments below, in particular Glinaa or Enohzee.
You need to compare apples to apples.

If someone does not invest and / or has little to no knowledge, sending them to Interactive Brokers is a bad advice. This is a platform for traders - the interface is awful, you do not get proper tax information, etc.
Yes it is cheaper but this reflects the fact that it is catered for those who know what they are doing.
Also, they did not mention that your funds are not segregated, therefore, if IB defaults, then you lose everything (don't give me the argument of the $250,000 guarantee, it rests on thin air).
This is one of the reasons why the service seems cheap.

Also, the ETF which is recommended invests in a broad index.
If you looked at Yova, this is also because you wanted to invest alongside some core values. With VT, you part own gun, tobacco, junk food companies.
Me, I do not want to encourage them with my savings. With Yova, you can choose what you want to avoid and what you want to concentrate on.
For instance, I avoided tobacco but I kept nuclear as I think the Co2 free emissions gains outweighs the waste issue. However, I hate the tobacco firms - I find them evil.

Marketman had a fair appreciation of them. I agree with his points. The personal touch really makes a difference.

Their fees are being cut so as well which is an added bonus in the long run.

As for the difference in returns with IB:
If you do not invest your cash at the bank, taking a step like a Yova or other services (even your hated bank) will set you miles ahead in a few years. So we should not oppose Yova vs IB, we should first oppose what you are doing now versus what you could be doing.
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