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Re: Salt Fiber Box

We just set up our salt fiber over the weekend. Havenít run any speed tests but it seems to work well, and work faster than our Swisscom. It was really easy to do, too.

We have a long apartment - four bedrooms past the living room, all concrete walls (typical brutalist rectangle). I kept the repeater we used for Swisscom, and it seems to work well - iPads and iPhones connect to the network in the farthest bedroom.

We have to get used to the new TV interface and figure out/customize the Apple TV remote. Right now iím Using a combination of Apple TV/tv remote and it is a bit clumsy.

One feature that I really like is that I set up the tv account so it defaults to English. If there is an English track, it plays.

I also have to link our new sky account to the salt account....thatseems a bit weird.

All in all, it seems like a good choice, plus we save a bunch of money.
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