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My dog eats (plays with) his poo


Does anyone know if you can buy this Fish4Dogs dry food in Switzerland?
Tried googling and can't find much....and Qualipet does not seem to carry it.

Or else, what fish based dog food is a good brand? My parents' vet said this dog food has helped dogs that tend to eat their poo.... (to stop)

My dog - when left at home for a while (OR, even when we are at home and not give him attention) - eats his poo. (he's paper trained so has a designated area - but he gets daily outdoor walks too needless to say) NONE of my previous 4 dogs have ever done that. Yes, he has enough toys and bones to chew on, and he is not hungry.

So was hoping he might stop when changing his food. We currently feed him Royal Canine for chihuahuas. (We do not feed him any human food)

The only other way to stop him from doing this is to probably get a camera, watch him constantly and make a loud noise the moment he gets near his poo again, but it's not doable as he's totally unpredictable. (and he doesn't always do it)

Other than him once in a while doing this, he is the most perfect dog - extremely well tempered and it would be GREAT if we could get him to stop this disgusting habit. Would love to hear from others who have experienced similar problems.

(a friend's dog did the same and she gave up....let it be ... but I can't!)
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