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Re: Question for the ladies - fibroids

I have been post menopausal for 12 years, since I finished treatment for breast cancer at the age of 46 in the UK. I have had a number of gynae problems since, mainly relating to the fact my right side ovary has not quite shut down properly. Every so often it tries to fire up again, this can cause a slight bleed and all post meno bleeds should be investigated. I also have 2 fibroids, but as they are the size of lentils due to the lack of hormones I've been advised they can be left.

I would honestly say my experiences with gynaecologists in Switzerland have been far superior to back at home. I went through an accelerated menopause over the course of a weekend due to a chemo drug I had to be given and it was sheer hell. By age 50 I was having gynae problems and in an appointment with a female Consultant Gynaecologist and her female Registrar at a Hospital local to my home in Scotland, I just happened to mention I had experienced a total loss of libido which I found distressing as at that point I'd been married for 25 years. The reply I had from both of them was "what do you expect, you are 50". Talk about lack of empathy!

Since I moved to Basel with my husband's job I would say my experiences have been much better. I have had 2 D and C procedures because the lining of my womb thickens and this is known to sometimes become cancerous; during the procedures I've had polyps removed as routine. The first D and C required me to stay in hospital overnight at the insistence of the surgeon, second time I was able to go home after 3 hours provided my husband collected me.

I have also luckily never seen a GP or surgeon in Basel who didn't speak English, my husband had a procedure done here 2 years ago where he was treated by a British Professor. I've had one nurse who spoke just about every European language but no English, it wasn't a problem as there was a domestic assistant on duty who spoke English. (My German is currently hovering around B1 level, but i wouldn't be confident handling medical matters).
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