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Re: Question for the ladies - fibroids

I am so sorry to hear your experience, 3Wishes. Really. My heart goes out to you. Thank you so much for sharing. We do not talk enough about women’s health!

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Having had (thankfully benign but still health-impacting) fibroids myself, I noticed there seems to be a general "wait and see" approach, whereby the gynae speculates that you will take the initiative yourself if matters get worse. However, I feel like hormonal issues can get worse so gradually that you may keep putting things off or not want to make a fuss, like the often cited frog in the water that heats up gradually until the hapless amphibian is cooked. And of course, the popular "if in doubt, take the pill" view is not necessarily helpful, often just being a superficial solution.
Contrary to the common narrative, It is not normal for your menstrual cycle to negatively impact your life. It is not normal to feel tired all the time or be in agonising pain on a regular basis. I know we try to grin and bear it and for the most part try to hide what is happening because there is so much social stigma attached. I know people, even women, don't like talking about it but we deserve better.

So like 3wishes says, if in doubt, be the person who demands a better answer or a second opinion. Pay attention to what is normal for YOUR body, document it. The literature talks about averages and standard deviations; make sure you have your own data.
I’m not having an easy time with Gynaecologists in CH, have definitely experienced a “wait and see/take the pill” approach. I don’t at all feel in good health in this way, but two have completely dismissed my concerns and told me to take the pill and watch my symptoms melt away...I’ve refused the pill for a few reasons, among which family history with female problems and the fact that I already have a small list of autoimmune disorders and I’d hate to mess with my hormones without having any tests done showing a real need... if any of you have recommendations for a good Gynaecologist (French or English speaking) in Fribourg/Payerne région (would consider driving to Bern or Lausanne) that would be very much appreciated.
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