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Re: Discovered wife cheating what to do?

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Seeing potential hurt makes me cringe.
Not enough to elicit much sympathy though, eh?

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I'm sorry that I do not feel as much sympathy for you as everybody else does
Yes, this thread has only one side, but that's irrelevant to feeling sympathy for the OP, his kids and his wife - it's clear from this side of the story that there is plenty of pain to go round now, and sadly in the future too.

The OP has used a pseudonym, would you care to tell me what in this below post is specific enough to track down, and not like 100 other divorce threads on here?

She met someone on a business trip. Then did a private trip abroad to meet with him as he does not live here.

She is away with a female friend at the moment, coming back today, then will go meet him tomorrow and stay overnight as he is coming here.

She is not aware that I know. She also wants a divorce.

How does this affect the divorce process ?

Feel like my heart is being torn apart.
So, again, enough of the judgments and offer some practical advice or hold your peace.