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Re: Recommendations for an immigration lawyer in geneva?

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The OCPM says I can’t get a permit because I am over 30 years of age, this is the only point of refusing my permit. I just want to make them see that my age doesn’t mean I can’t study French.[...] my grandmother has given so much for me to study French till she some money can be raised for me go and do my masters since I postponed to pay for French courses here

The answer can be found in the SEM directive:
Quote: Durée de la formation ou de la formation continue

Est autorisé, en règle générale, une formation ou une formation continue d’une durée maximale de huit ans. Des exceptions ne sont possibles que dans les cas suffisamment motivés et doivent être soumises au SEM pour approbation (art. 23, al. 3, OASA; cf. art. 4, let. b, ch. 1 de l’ordonnance du DFJP relative aux autorisations soumises à la procédure d'approbation et aux décisions préalables dans le domaine du droit des étrangers). C’est par exemple le cas lorsqu’une formation présente une structure logique (par ex. internat, gymnase, études menant à un diplôme, doctorat), qu’elle vise un but précis et n’est pas destinée à éluder des conditions d’admission plus strictes. Sous réserve de circonstances particulières, les personnes de plus de 30 ans ne peuvent en principe se voir attribuer une autorisation de séjour pour se former. Les exceptions doivent être suffisamment motivées (cf. décision du TAF C482/2006 du 27 février 2008).

As a general rule, training or further training of a maximum duration of eight years is authorised. Exceptions are only possible in sufficiently justified cases and must be submitted to the SEM for approval (Art. 23 (3) OASA; cf. Art. 4 (b) (1) of the FDJP Ordinance on Authorisations Subject to the Approval Procedure and Advance Decisions in the Field of Aliens Law). This is the case, for example, when a course has a logical structure (e. g. boarding school, gymnasium, studies leading to a diploma, doctorate), is intended for a specific purpose and is not intended to avoid stricter admission requirements. Subject to special circumstances, persons over 30 years of age may not in principle be granted a residence permit for training purposes. Exceptions must be sufficiently justified (see Federal Court decision C482/2006 of 27 February 2008).

Translated with
As you see, although the 30 years age limit is not set in law, it is not just a SEM guideline, but based on a federal court ruling.

In addition there is a list of naughty countries:
Nationals from those countries have misused their visa, overstayed, or did not return to their home country at the end of the training. Now all from those countries are subject to special scrutiny.

Furthermore, the authorities have a very simple but ever so compelling reason to deny a visa: Why studying in the very expensive Switzerland, when you can get the same or better education in a country were living and overall cost is so much lower?
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