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Re: "Hobby farming" or "smallholding" - anyone have experience?

Doropfiz: great idea! I havenít been able to find one yet but hopefully will for next year. Between that and our dog it would help get an idea. We have a few friends with chickens but that doesnít really help us get an idea of goats/horses. Iíve dragged him out once to watch me work/ride with my friends, hopefully I can get him out there a few more times so he can see the reality of the work a bit more.

Amogles: thanks for the tip. There are a lot lot lot of people in our immediate area growing and selling produce straight up, often home delivery style or setting up a self service stand at local businesses/outside their homes. However I love making jam and syrup, and i have a little experience growing and drying herbal teas so those could be good entrance points. I think that would suit me better than selling veg, especially as it combines well with homemade soaps and lotions of which I am somewhat of an amateur producer already.


The more I reflect the more I donít know how realistic this is, despite being a longtime dream of mine. We will continue to research and experience what we can, though quietly Iím trying to set aside that mental picture so that I can be more realistic as we look to settle down.

Though someone in our village has a small two horse enclosure and an adjoining turnout field that has me drooling every time I walk past, the reality is that my husband has little interest in horses other than recognizing how important they are to me, and buying a home with the intention of keeping horses at home might not ultimately be the most fair to him when I could just continue helping my friend with hers and keep away from the huge commitment and sacrifice that is owning horses (and all the other lovely little animals Iíd love to see running around).


In any case Iím very grateful to all of you for your continued insights and feedback.
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