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Re: UPC Mobile - Denying Early Termination [number hostage for 12 months]

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I honestly did not think this is possible.

After moving to UPC Mobile to discover I overslept the fine print [link if you want the details] and deciding to cut my losses and move to another operator, I experienced the most painful 1hr on the phone with customer support...

Me: I would like to cancel ASAP, pay early termination and port number to a new operator, can you please indicate the earliest date?
UPC: 30 June 2020
Me: I am not interested in the contract expiry, I would like early termination with the associated penalty but keep my number and move ASAP.
UPC: exactly, the earliest you can move your number is 30 June 2020
Me: I am fine paying the entire 12 months x CHF 39 now, so I can port the number.
UPC: No, this is not possible - your number is locked in the system until 30 June 2020, so you must respect the contract.
Me: You don't understand - I am willing to honor the entirety of the contract TODAY, as long as I port my number away from you and never ever deal with UPC...
UPC: 30 June 2020.

That back-and-forth went on for an hour, during which I read the T&C's which say

Basically, along the lines of we-own-you and you-shall-pay. What is surprising is that even when I accept my err and openly agree to poney up, they still refuse to release and port the number.

Any idea how to end this madness?

I had exactly same shit with UBS on an early redemption of a mortgage and hit a brick wall.

One nicely worded letter to Sergio Ermotti, the CEO of UBS pointing out i was ready to pay the full debt immediately and remove any risk whatsoever resulted in a telephone call from the manager of UBS Lausanne appologising profusely, inviting me to lunch to discuss and resolve the situation.

I got out of the mortgage with a 25% discount over what i should have paid.
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