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Re: Vitamin B: Is it that compulsory to have it in CH?

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Why would they hire people from other countries while graduates from local universities are available and also as competent as the others from Germany, Austria or so? While their profiles might stand out as well. But whatever be the case I believe graduates from local universities should also stand a chance.
I could've asked myself that same question a thousand times in some shape or form. Why would they hire that person from country Y when I am just as qualified and local, why this person from that university when my education was just as good, and many more versions of these questions. If you go down that road, one could also ask: why would they hire you over any Swiss who went to the same university as you did. See the problem with that thinking? You already have some minor sense of entitlement and somehow seem to think you deserve something more than someone else, but anyone else will be able to make that same argument with another set of criteria. Best you learn how to shut that down sooner rather than later.

Truth is: pre-screening is done God-knows-where based on some algorithm no one has any real control over, initial early-stage selection is random and coincidental and there's no logical reason why anyone would be chosen over anyone else. They probably get a few thousand applications per job, many of them of course nowhere near qualified, but the rest is selected coincidentally. Times where someone actually properly went through applications and selected and compared applicants properly have long gone (in big multinationals anyway, who seem to think they can choose as they please anyway)

Lastly, as already said, the big 4 are hardly the entire world, so why don't you just look for alternatives. Focusing on just four firms only after not having been successful with either so far is hardly a good strategy.
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