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Re: Worthwhile/valuable/useful - are you?

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According to which yardsticks do you measure the worthwhileness, the value and use, to yourself, and/or to others, of your existence and your actions? What constitutes "a life usefully lived"?

Do you consider your own contribution to the world (or to yourself, or to others around you) as minimal, average or exemplary? Do others notice and esteem what you do? Whether yes or no, does this matter to you, discourage you, motivate you? Or are you perhaps indifferent to the opinions of some others, while the evaluation of your life by some specific other people might be important to you (your [potential] employer, your grandmother, a religious leader, a lover or spouse, your child's schoolteacher, a mentor, someone evaluating your application for Swiss citizenship)?

What is important to you in steering your choices (or trying to influence others in their choices) to be more valuable and useful to yourself and/or to others (if, indeed, you do even want to be more valuable and useful)? Any of these, or any others?
Money, making people happy, self-determination, getting personal satisfaction, falling into bed exhausted but content at the end of the day, feeling motivated to get on with the next round in the morning, empowerment, knowing that you saved yourself or someone else, minimising everyday suffering or damage, seeing that a project of yours brings joy or advancement to yourself or to others, freedom of choice, having more possibilities, teaching well, affording others opportunities, personal gratification, appreciating small joys along the way.
What impedes you from choosing as freely as you might wish to, so as to become more a more useful, valuable or worthwhile person, or to carry out more useful, valuable or worthwhile actions? What has helped you to take the route you feel you should, despite impediments or limitations? What has helped you accept limitations, where they could not be overcome?

Do you notice and praise what others do? If yes, why and how? If not, why not? What do you admire, from near or far, about someone else's way of conducting themselves, such that you find them/their actions especially valuable and useful and worthy? Big things, little things? Can you draw motivation from such admirable people's actions or being?

Just as in my separate thread “Happy – are you?” I’d be interested in a general discussion, but also specifically about whether or not your perspective on what makes your life valuable and useful, to you yourself and/or to others, is different for living in Switzerland, compared to how you saw such matters while living in any other country.
Did you copy and paste this BS from some psychology text or website?
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