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Re: Chimney Sweep Aargau

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In a new-build house we received a post card after living there 7 years from a chimney sweep in the next village. This after the fire police had made and charged for an inspection of our gas boiler on its first commissioning and also supplied a list of approved companies which it was compulsory to have a service contract with, which we did at annual cost of approx CHF400/year.

Two very pushy sweeps arrived with collection of cable and brushes over their shoulders. I asked some questions:

1) What would this cost. The said they were not the accounts department and had no idea.

2) How much soot was produced when burning gas. They didn‘t know. I could inform them that there was none produced.

3) I asked them what kind of gas boiler we had and where it was located and what kind of „chimney“ it had that needed sweeping. They had no idea.
I advise that the gas burned/boiler was in the attic and has a balanced flue which takes air in and expels the exhaust through different tubes within the approx 1 metre long flue.

I told them to go away, they threatened to inform the fire police, which they did. They next day the fire police called and I asked him how many the millions of gas boilers in the UK had the chimneys/flues sweep. I told him none. He agreed it was an archaic practice and as long I took responsibility I could forgo any chimney sweeping...
Sadly, we have an oil/diesel burning heater... Judging by the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator I used to have, I reckon this one falls under the legal requirement to clean...
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