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Re: Caught by the police driving a 50cc scooter with B licence

I've never seen a defined policy on this from any canton, but there have been a lot of cases mentioned in various threads of people successfully exchanging licences after several years in different parts of the country. Not that it's relevant to the OP anyway.
I read up on this in the year I moved to Switzerland and came across this, and never bothered to look any further since I exchanged my license pretty quickly anyway so it was not relevant to me.

Don't miss the deadline:

If you are found driving on Swiss roads with your foreign licence after twelve months, this is considered driving without a valid licence, which can have unpleasant consequences. Depending on the canton, you will be required to do a test drive or to obtain a certification of your driving experience. In the canton of Zurich, it gets even more costly and time-consuming for those who still have no Swiss licence after 10 years. In such a case, the offender has to take the Swiss driving test.
It indeed does not say that there is a 10 yr limit for normal exchanging but mentions the situation where somebody has been driving without a valid license after having been here for 10 yrs.
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