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Re: Do poor kids have a chance

Going back to the original post - Mr. Biden is...kinda right. There is a terrible persception that poor are not as smart as wealthier kids and depending on where you are from, there can be a racial component to that.

And a surrogate of smart is access to all the wonderful educational opportunites richer kids have vs. poor linking to performance on standarize tests and so on.

Look, I grew up in a town on Long Island called Massapequa. In the 1980's you could call that Lilly White town. Now a part of that town was a bit poorer - same zip code. And more "colored" - yup..more Black people so called African Americans.

What did my school district do? It drew a line ..a school district line ..down a part of the town such that those "minority" families/kids, living in the same zip code, under the same tax jurisdiction, under the same jurisdiction of our volunteer fire department (which my dad was apart of), had to go a predominantly poor, high minority, school district, ..called Amityville.

The predominanty minority, poorer kids living in view of my wealthy dominated (99 percent white studdents) Junior High School had to stare directly across the street at a school they couldn't go to, despite being in the same zip code. That school, my high school, had a ham radio club (full tower and antennas on top the roof), high end computer labs (for its day), a theather, sport facilities galore, science labs galore. Hell we even had freaking Archery lessons and did lilly white square dancing. I was in Drama club and for a while, shamefully, I did Golf. Yeah..hit a nancy little white ball in to holes (trust me today, I'd even slap and beat myself up for playing Golf).

Now, them poorer kids in rich Massapequa going to poor Amityville school district...they did NOT have equal chance. Valadictorian and losers like me who were top 10 percent of my class had a chance to go to Harvard. Hell even to the best school on Long Island. Top 10 percent at Amityville, passing same standardize tests....they ain't going to Harvard. Even if they worked hard, past the same standardize state exams...they ain't going to Harvard. Why? you see the schools are ranked in the US. So weathtier schools...well do good...and Harvard. Less wealthy schools, are linked to poor well, no Harvard. They ain't no ham radio clubs, or drama clubs, or art clubs or golf clubs or best in class computer labs and and and... the LUCK of being on the WRONG side of the street, int the same Zip code of a town...fate was kinda determined, and you want to tell me them Amityville kids have a chance? yeah right.

So back to Joe, Joe probaby grew up my side of the street. Look across at the socalled Poor kids, who..lived in the same town going to the poor school. And to the uneducated, you dont think they don't have think ...they're dumber. Not as bright..and ...well maybe even below you. And you start to see where White Priveledge starts...right??

Anyways, I don't see this to be a case in CH but this is a wealth country probably with the drama clubs, and golf clubs and computer labs and and and..... so don't tell me about poor here unless i'm missing something.

Anyways, my two cents - you have exceptions but look at my example and you start to see the issues emerge ...all the associations and consequences and you start to see how in the US you get to such horrible polarizations, views and biases. One town, 2 school districts separated by wealth and poverty...and race.

Now - we did have a joke ..its totaly politically incorrect but the school in Amityville was painted white. So a local joke was.."hey them black kids go to a white school!" and....well that's where it starts eh?

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