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To share my horrible experience with post delivery service in Switzerland (EMS)

As many of you being away from your home countries, I imagine for each moment of important days or any of days, your family members or some friends would like to send you some gift or food to console your homesickness.
My family does sometimes an always happily choose the EMS service. Becasue they know and believe that even though a bit of extra charge, it is convinient to recieve fast and at the door.

But already how many times I had to go to post office by myself next day, although most of time I am waiting at home.
My place is not an appartment and I have the door bell right next to my mailbox. Means that there is no stair to climb to approach me or walk extra steps to ring my bell.

Especailly today, since I was expecting an EMS parcel to be delivered, I was kind of on stand-by and waiting.

Right immedeatly I saw the yellow truck parked in front of my door, I exited and was waiting at the terrace(I would say 1m away from him between the grill metal door).because the postman seemed busy arranging the parcels, and I did not want to stress him to get my things. I was especting him to knock the main entrance after all, but he just left leaving the paper in my post box that I need to come pick it up to post office. I could not believe that he even did not try to once ring my door.

I know sometimes they are short on time so after ringing the bell they have no much time to wait.
But today to confirm that sometimes they do not even bother to to approach... I felt they don't need such a vehicle to carry many boxes. Just some piece of papers of notification to put in each one's mail box must be enough.

Moreover, when I called call center to explain about it, the reaction of the agent handling this case can never be more unprofessional than any.
I was not claiming or requesting to get delivered again. I just wanted to explain for those experience I had and I really fed-up each times. So for the future, I once wanted to inform them what is happening here and if it could be improved..
But her attitude cutting while I am talking and telling me just "go tomorrow with paper and get your things..." really un acceptable.
(I also have an experience few months ago when I was recieving one electronics through post. That day, I also was waiting for him in front after seeing his truck parked in front of my place. We even had eyes contact but he didn't give me any. But the delivery statue was became already "delivered". I was kind of confused. After about 1h, the postman came back without the official vehicle and just left it in the mail box-without signing or contacting me. I could make many stories,but I would rather wanted to just believe that it was a mistake)

I know I have no.much choices living here.
But I am so depressed whole day after this morning just small thing what happened with post.

It is ok, nothing urgent or post office is not that far from home, but this time all the past things came up together...
And I have been reacting exaggeratedly by myself...
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