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Re: moving to switzerland with a dog

Wow!!!! I cannot thank you enough for the prompt reply. Okay, all 4 of my 4kg dogs are mutts! They are all rescued from bad situations here in the Dallas area. We do not know their exact breeds; however, they are chihuahua or dachsund or pomeranian mixes. Yes, there are 4 of them, and they bark when someone rings the doorbell, and they would more than likely bark if they heard noise in a building that had a lot of comings and goings. So, the hope is that we would move to Bern, or the outskirts thereof. My husband's family lives in and around Bern. The hope is that my husband could get a job in IT over there - that's what he works in now. I might and I stress might be able to get a job in dermatology, but I really don't know how realistic that is just yet. I've been emailing with a dermatologist in Bern. The idea would be to stay and be on the path to citizenship. My husband is half Swiss; however, his parents - father is Swiss did not apply for citizenship for him before the age of 22, so he is treated like everyone else. He has his birth registered in Schwyz, but that is it. The idea would be that if we are there making a contribution, then hopefully we could get on the road to citizenship. We would like to be closer to family. Here in Dallas we have very little family. Thank you in again for your time and know how!!!
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