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Hi Helm,
Sorry, it was my misunderstanding. I opened their page and did not look careful enough. So assume that they only cut and install glasses/mirrors.

Now I took close look, and already sent them my request and waiting for their answer.

Thank you very much for the info.
May I ask how much is it for you to buy the big mirror from them? Just want to get a rough idea how much mine will be, exclude the shipping and installation

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Sorry if I wasn't clear: the company I linked to are professional glaziers - they produce mirrors, glass, and everything related to it. They produce the glass that will be used by carpenters for in-built wardrobes, they produce the glass used in handrails by the metalworker, they produce decoration pieces for walls used by... whoever.

You will be going directly to the producer. The fitting and mounting is an extra feature
Hello RTN,
You are an angel

Many thanks for these practical information. The thickness of Ikea and Micasa mirrors in wardrobes is 1.9cm, which is relatively thick than normal big mirrors (5mm or 6mm). I will take a close look for those options you suggested.
Whatever option I took at the end, I definitely would like to invite you for a beer. Promised

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Your budget is not in line with your requirements, Chf400 would scarcely get a wall painted or wallpapered! Never the less with a bit of compromise it is possible using Ikea or Micasa wardrobe doors off wardrobes 237 high giving you a mirror dimension 50 x 229cms.

Hinged doors are probably a better option as they have a solid backing but you will have the hole for the doorknob showing but you can get them frameless from Micasa at Chf230 pr or with frame from Ikea for Chf 60 ea. Remove shirting, fit rubber bump stops to the bottom of doors and stand on the floor. Use a bracket on top to screw to the backing of the door and into the wall to secure them.


Micasa Pg14 from this catalogue.

The company Helm suggested is good, I have used them a few times. You owe me beer!
Thanks Phil.
How much you paid for the mirror of 2mx1.5m?

I am thinking to put 4 pieces of 1.8 or 1.9 m(height) x 1.25m (width) together should do the job. A few seams should be fine

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just go to a mirror company and order a custom cut mirror. it's not that expensive.

i ordered a 2x1.5m mirror for the bathroom.

if easier to handle, you could order it in several panels and put together, but then you would have seams.

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