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Re: Does your Krankenkasse help finance your stay in a retirement home?

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I think you're mistaken, omtatsat. Or do you really know of an old-age nursing home that is cheaper than those run by the City of Zurich?

From the link to the City of Zurich’s municipal old-age nursing homes:

Care costs
60 x 14 days = 840
45 x 16 days = 720

30 x 21.60 = 648

Depending on whether the room is single or shared, with or without its own bathroom, the cost ranges from
Room and food 130 x 30 days = 3’900
up to
Room and food 200 x 30 days = 6’000

840 + 720 + 648 + 3’900 = 6’108
up to
840 + 720 + 648 + 6’000 = 8’208

before any of the additional charges are added.

Additional charges include, for example,
  • a fee for the staff member accompanying the patient to external appointments such as doctors or dentists, or to a hairdresser or lawyer
  • the haircut itself also charged to the patient,
  • a separate fee for the transport to and from such appointments,
  • telephone costs,
  • any extras consumed in the institution's restaurant,
  • errands such as getting shoes repaired,
  • any nursing or products deemed not to be covered by the medical insurance, which may include materials for bandaging, or a better type of product such as diapers, when only the basic one is covered.
Where I worked it was less than 4000CHF-but thats only for one room single occupancy with shower but without kitchen. Food costs are included in this price. These are the costs if one needs no help with anything. It was not a private home and not a State run home. It was a "Verein"
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