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EU - C permit - Language Requirement - Moving Cantons

Hi there,

My C permit is due for renewal exactly a year from now- provided I meet the language/ residency requirements.

Bit about my situation

- Came to this country in 2015 and was issued a B permit for 5 years based on my job offer at that time

- In last 4 years I have lived in 3 different cantons (Bern -> Zurich -> Bern -> Vaud-> Zurich)

- Spent majority of my time in the French speaking part and hence I focused on learning French (currently at A2 level - might need few months of rigorous learning/practice to attain B1 level )

- Have changed jobs 3 times (Permanent -> 3 months chomage/RAV ->Contract 19 months -> 4 months chomage/RAV -> currently Contracting with a big internet company for past 10 months)

- Current contract ends in December but it is likely to get extended for another year. My client doesn't extend contracts for more than 2 years. So that means I will be out of this job contract by December 2020. Otherwise I'm very happy to work for this client as not many people get an opportunity to work for this global giant.

- Current B permit expires in October 2020- which means the canton where I will be residing then will send permit renewal forms by July 2020. I would have just 5 months before my job contract finishes.

- My current place of residence is Zurich, where the language requirement for C permit (based on my nationality) is at least B1 level German, which is challenging/impossible to achieve in 10 months. So my other option is to register/live in a French speaking canton for the entire next year (and attain B1 level proficiency in French before the permit renewal).

Was wondering what happens to my permit renewal application if I don't have a permanent job contract or required level of language proficiency at the time of application? Is there any commune/cantonal residency requirement for C permit?

My girlfriend for 4 years is Swiss but we don't have any plans of marrying each other. Also I don't want to leave Switzerland because I love my girlfriend and Switzerland.

I'm very confused at the moment and unable to decide what I should be doing? Whether to find a permanent job in the French speaking part? Or to continue this contract as its a well paid job with lot of flexibility in terms of work/timing etc (including remote working option every once in a while) and register/live in the French speaking part?

Is there a website where I could check the language requirements for the following cantons- Vaud/Geneva/Neuchatel/Bern(french part)?

Also I'm planning to buy an apartment (investment property) in Ticino. So I might as well consider moving to Ticino if it's easier to renew the permit without language requirement.
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