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Re: Salt Cancellation Fee

I would say there are a few things wrong with SALT in Switzerland that people should be aware of:

The internet connection speed is zero in places of high density, like around Geneva Train station because the network is overwhelmed by users. You can't load a normal web-page. It's fine out in the boonies.

A number of the areas which are purportedly covered by their signal (in Geneva), have neither phone nor internet signal. You can't dial out or receive calls.

If you wish to cancel your subscription there is a number to call: 0800 780 100, as listed on their website for cancellations. It says "Call this number and we will tell you what to do". You can stay on this number for ages and nobody answers the call. You may be waiting 15+ minutes, and there is a risk that the first person who answers will hang up (happened to me), so you have to start again. When eventually they answer, they will need your phone number, name, address, and date of birth. Be sure that they send you an SMS confirmation of the contract cancellation.

When you cancel before the two years contract is up, you will have to pay the difference until the end of the two years.

If you cancel after the end of your two year contract, you must give two months notice, and will have to pay for the next two months, even if you stop using the phone immediately.

If you are just one-day late with your payment, they will send you an SMS or email reminder, but they will, in any case, add an extra CHF 30 to your next bill as the cost of the reminder (outrageous!).

If you want to move to another service (I moved to Sunrise from Salt because of their lousy 3G and 4G internet in Geneva), then, they could put a lot of difficulties in the way. I followed procedures correctly but they didn't transfer my number on the legally contractual date - (I was past the two years and willing to pay the two month notice period). After months of calls, dealing with sympathetic but incompetent staff, they still couldn't or wouldn't transfer my number to Sunrise. They alleged some screw-up by Sunrise, but I had evidence that this was not true. I am pretty sure that it was a data input error at Salt that nobody could correct. I finally had to write a letter of complaint (I got no reply), but eventually I got a text to say my number was being transferred months after the contractual date. Apart from the inconvenience, it cost me a lot of extra money, which I did not pursue. I was just glad to finally get away from Salt, and I wouldn't be willing to use them again if there was another service - even if the other service is much more expensive.

Salt are very good with the advertising and promises, with shops all over Geneva and promises of lots of free goodies to go with your subscription, but I feel they are more concerned with growing their subscribers than with the quality of service. It's not for me.
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