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Re: Do poor kids have a chance

Poor kids have a chance (answering the thread topic).

It's a poor chance ... but a few of the billions manage to break through, and we often hear about them. Many of the others get by, making enough to keep a roof over their heads and have regular meals. Many, however, are stuck in poverty for their entire lives not due to lack of effort, but because they worked hard but never got that lucky break which fully rewarded their efforts.
Sure, many of those who break through to "success" from poverty struggled hard for years before they got their break - but those who remain in poverty are often struggling hard every single day and never getting a single step ahead of where they started.

Having a secure start in life gives you choices from an early age, which you can use to get further ahead more easily.

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Definitely not educators, those long holidays attract the lazy
Not sure if you really believe this, or are just trolling ...

As a teacher I'm regularly in at school on the weekend to ensure corrections are done and the lessons are planned for the following week, and the classroom itself is in order.

I also come in several days in each two-week break. During which, of course, taking an actual holiday costs more than if I could take time off away from peak holiday times.

You forgot the short days, light work load and working with kids.
Working with kids is fine. It's a handful of the parents who cause the most headaches for teachers ... those who think they are qualified to give instructions (not just advice) to people who have trained and worked for years in a specialised area when they themselves have had a kid for a few years and see them for about 5% of their waking hours ...

I've yet to see if I have any parents like that this year, but I've had a few in my decades of teaching, including some who made their children lie to their teachers and friends - just to get away a few days earlier on their holidays ...

I agree Sandgrounder, any job is a real job. Some folks seem to think, however, that some have less value. For some reason.
I read a definition of a "real" job once ... basically remove all people who perform that job and see if society functions better, worse, or the same ... if it gets worse, it's a "real" job.
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