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Re: Runner's shtick

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Ok, soooo....

Did not manage to cut down on running nor cutting down the distance. I just don't have the discipline. I will work on it.

But. 5% increase in the angle of the treadmill was really amazing, Tom! It gets ever so slightly harder but the foot landing is so different. Lighter.

I also figured out when we skied the last time a couple days ago, that it is in fact my ski boot that pinched me on my shin. Since they are set 90flex, rigid - I have to be careful when walking in them. So loosening up the clasp did the trick.

I think I will get Rebooks again, they are so pleasant. Or which foamy soles do people like on their running shoes?

Take up swimming. Jogging destroys the knees and hips. And swimming is a total excercise

Thanks, everyone, for their thoughts and time.

Edot - I've never used TENS, a doc family member used me as a guinea-pig for some extensive electropuncture, though, I was surprised how well it worked, as a physio-therapy, too. Not just an immuno boost.

Jacek - I use tennis balls for my feet, I will rub it on my calf, good idea.

Ibuprofen...I honestly really dislike the effect painkillers have on my cognition so try to avoid at all cost. But it is true that as an antinflammatory I should reconsider. Just want to avoid the annoying brain fog.

I never thought about consulting a physio, I should if it persists. As of now, the friendlier setting on my ski boot seems to help a great deal.
Take up swimming. Jogging destroys the knees and hips. And swimming is a total exercise
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