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Re: Do poor kids have a chance

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In a hospital, I once saw the new board go up, of images of all the staff members of a department.

The Head Doctor's picture was mounted besides that of the Department Cleaner. He nodded and said: "Look, wow, yes, I get to have my picture next to the most important person on this ward!" A senior nurse, on hearing this, snapped at him: "Oh, don't be so pseudo-modest!" And without hesitating he answered: "But I was being serious. She is the most important person working here. When I go on leave for two weeks, the rest of you keep the ward running without anyone working in my place. If she's away for two days, with no substitute, we can close the ward completely."
Nobody is irreplaceable, no-one. It can take some time to find a replacement for say a highly qualified surgeon etc but you will find a way, especially if money are not an issue (it's not always related to money btw).....the more some people believe an entire system will collapse without them, the less inclined to keep up with their field and best peers in the field they are. They know..... There are always new generations of specialists or professionals eager to perform, why think people are irreplaceable, it's like believing we are not able to progress.
Acknowledging someone's contribution is one thing, putting people on pedestals as if everything will collapse without them is wrong IMO.

And btw, a good hospital cleaner that is properly trained and follows all hygiene protocols is also very important in the grand scheme of things. Every job is a real job as long as you are payed a salary for it and can put food on the table for you and your family. We are small parts in a huge social mechanism and we should probably be aware of it, otherwise potential unemployment, economic recessions etc will hit us like a train. It is quite revealing to see how many real jobs are cut off in times of fiscal austerity or economic crisis. Researchers, for instance, apparently are no longer vital. And I can give a lot of examples for how relative things are.

But to answer a question that wasn't quite the main issue in the OP, yes, I believe poor kids can do well in life, but not under every circumstance or in any place on earth.

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