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Re: about big mirror-wall installation in a room

Hello Helm,
Many thanks for your kind reply and useful info.
The price you paid is comparable to my budget, about 60CHF/m2
However, I got quite different quotation with the same company, without installation 140CHF/m2, with installation 300CHF/m2. Plus the other installation parts, films and tax etc., the total amount is also high .
RTN and you are right. Looks like my budget is a bit too low for what I want to do. So I will adjust my budget slightly up (say around 600CHF), which might work with this Germany company

Does anyone ever ordered big mirrors from them?

Since they deliver for free, I consider that it is good option for me.

Then the biggest part is whether I am able to install those mirrors properly by myself, even with the help of some friends

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I unmounted my own doors and took them to the fabric, then picked them up and installed them back myself. So I only paid for the mirror, cutting and application on pre-existing doors. The mirror was in total 2,30mx2m. I was about 260chf, but I am not sure anymore (i have to find my bills and I am currently at work).

It was actually much cheaper than I was counting on, but on the other hand I installed the whole thing myself.

As RTN mentioned, 400chf is not much. A friend wanted to install a 2x4m wallpaper (granted, not an easy pattern) and the cheapest quote was 1000chf. House work is not cheap in Switzerland. On the other hand, you can learn and try it yourself (which is what I did. Painted the whole shoe box I was living in for 70chf. I actually managed to get the money back from the landlord).
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