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Publibike you thieving barstewards

So I had a subscription to publibike, generally happy with it apart from 2 months when it was out of action but they added on two months so that was ok. A load of times I got stranded where it wouldn't unlock at an intermediate stop but they seem to have sorted that, and they would shut rental stations without advance notification, but regardless, it was generally a good experience.

Then my subscription ran out and wasn't auto-renewed (good) but neither did my access to the bikes stop working. Instead I was paying the top rate for the bikes, and being so lazy I rented a lot of bikes, luckily I noticed after 2 weeks but had almost spent a years subscription by that point.

Good customer service would have been an email, or a notification on the app, a cynic would say that they get more cash by just silently moving accounts to the top rate. Additionally they didn't even respond to an email complaining this was poor service so feck 'em.
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