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Re: What does it mean: Swiss German?

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I can suggest something that sounds a little similar.

You're not getting nothing! (e.g. to appease someone who fears they might not get a slice of cake when everyone else is getting a slice)
Du chunsch nd nt br!
You get not nothing.

It's not as if you can't come down! (e.g. to encourage someone stuck up a tree, or to give a cheeky response to someone who just didn't make it to get in a full lift/elevator going down).
Du chusch niid nd abbe.
You come not not down.

Do my examples work, please, Captain Greybeard, or something along those lines?
Thanks, this is it! Could you also write in German the meaning of "Du chusch nid nd abbe" please?

Does it also apply in case of someone does not get terminated anymore?

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