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Re: Auto Notruf Zürich - SCAM?

- the applied means were not appropriate to the situation (no blocking any existing spot or a passage and a short parking time)
In CH, my rule of thumb is: If there is no sign showing parking is allowed, then I assume it is verboten.

- the requested amount does not correspond to fees by the police (they could demand 10k CHF, why not?)
CHF650 is not a "fine" but a towing fee for their effort. Police don't get themselves involved with private parking disputes.

- they claim to have some sort of arrangement with the land owner (Zession), but from what I understood from some police leaflets there should be a towing request from the parking owner.
If it is not Lidl who reported you, then maybe a tenant in the nearby buildings. I don't know the area, but if parking is a big headache there, I suggest you bring your shopping somewhere else.

"Not blocking or short parking time" -> this is only your wife's opinion. Other tenants in the area may not agree with her.

Has anyone had also such a story?
Can you recommend any lawyer as I am not going to be bullied by some criminal like activity?
Lawyering up will just mean more expense for you with not much to gain.

Maybe we could combine our cases and share the costs of the lawyer?
Btw. does it make any sense that the Rechtsschutz and Privathaftpflicht insurance denies support in this case?
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