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Re: Auto Notruf Zürich - SCAM?

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Long story short, after shopping in Lidl one day we have realized that we forgot to buy one additional item and my wife drove back to pick it up. As the whole Lidl parking was already occupied and, as it was a quick business, she stopped the car on a side of the Lidl parking, which was neither someone else parking spot nor the car was blocking the passage. After few minutes, when she came back, the car was gone. After a call to the police it turned out that the vehicle was towed away (abgeschleppt) by a private company called "Auto Notruf Zürich".
How long was your wife parked there? For me, if I'd forgotten an item in the supermarket, depending on how busy it is, it would take me under 5 mins to go in and grab it, pay, and get back to the car.

The time it would take for someone to call the towing company, for it to arrive at Lidl, load up and secure the car on the low-loader (those things take AGES!), it must have been more than "a few minutes".
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