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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in


So, I ask again: who has got, and can make, a serious argument as to why leaving the EU is better than staying in?

The UK never really wanted to be in the EU, when they joined in 1973 they still had a little power and prestige left over from WWII and the days of the Empire and always thought they were a cut above the rest; you could argue this is still the case.

The UK always wanted special clauses and opt outs to almost all the treaties, they negotiated a special reduction on what they pay into the EU, they have never really been a team player and the EU is about team playing.

If you join a club, you try to abide by it's rules, the UK never would, nor never will fully accept rules and regulations made by outside people so unfortunately the EU will never work for the UK in they way they want or think it should work for them, so there will be a continual problem of opting out and blocking various policies that the EU wish to proceed with.

The UK has some difficultly in accepting the major roles played by Germany and France in the EU who seem to make most of the important decisions, size and colour of banana's aside.

In my opinion, the UK will be initially worse off outside the EU but it will suit their unique personality much better and in the long run, it is probably the best thing to do.

The UK is not part of Europe, it has an island culture which over rides everything and the EU cannot understand this, nor never will.

It can be compared to our everyday life in the simile that we either abide by the rules in place or we get fined and sent to jail. Jail is not for ever, we eventually will get out and hopefully as a better entity.
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