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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Swisstree, I donít Twitter and your links donít get me anywhere. Can you give a little context?
Yes, of course, Bowlie.

Steve Barclay tweeted: The car industryís Ďjust in timeí supply chains rely on fluid cross-Channel trade routes. >1,100 trucks filled with car parts cross seamlessly from EU into UK each day. We need to start talks now on how we make sure this flow continues if we leave without a deal.

Barclay of course knows this is nonsense - very little preparation and effort gone into getting ports ready means this isn't going to happen. An insult to car manufacturers, just more unicorn drivel. It's akin to Grayling's bought and paid for fleet of invisible ships..

I do not have a Twitter account either.. I should do though as I am always in there. But the link should just take you straight through to the twitter page, same as any other link. Sorry the link doesn't work for you.
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