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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Essentially, people who have met forrins voted remain, people who haven't voted leave.
Pathetic and couldn't be further from the truth. When still in the UK I had far more contact with foreigners than with British citizens and this out of choice.
I've spoken seven languages, lived in six different countries, four of which are in the EU, yet I still voted 'Leave'.

None of my relatives voted for the EC in 1973. None of them voted 'Remain' in 2016 and nobody they know, nor anybody I personally know voted 'Remain'. Most people in the UK (and the referendum result reflected this clearly), have had enough.

You can be against the EU without being xenophobic or anti-European. I've lived longer outside of the UK than in.

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Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are so closely linked to the EU that it is difficult to identify what in practice is different for them day to day versus a full EU member; other than no voting rights.
Apart from this being a sweeping generalization, You conveniently left out the fact that none of these countries are in the EU customs union, none are in the Euro and they are also some of the richest, most prosperous and successful countries in the world with the highest quality of life. None of them need to be in the EU. What for when bilateral agreements work better?
If they can work for these four countries, there is no reason why they can't work for the UK.

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I don't know either but the 4 countries actually have in common that they are all pretty successful.
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