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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You would certainly hope a neurologist was thinking first of his patients. You could help things along by doing some basic checks before hiring one, to make sure he hasn't got any tendencies which go outside the norm. I wonder how many neurologists there are in the UK that dont do speeches at Remain rallies ? I wonder if there are any, i mean its the obvious thing to do, if your a neutral, run-of-the-mill consultant, climbing into fake body bags and pretend to be dead at rallies to highlight the risk of leaving the EU.
You would suppose his actions originated from the objective stance of a remainer re: brexit.

However, we are now into crashing out with no deal full-on-drama territory and the prospects for the whole of the NHS and the various medical professionals are frightening. To look at him in a body bag as an isolated incident, the inference being he is not neutral, when there is nothing at all neutral about the crash-out brexit plans harming all in sundry, especially the sick and dying in hospitals up and down the country.

I do not think it is a reflection on his objectivity/ the norm, rather than a reflection on the frightening, abnormal times we live in.
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