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Re: Bank recommendation

But are they legally resident at these home addresses or is it just some colleague or friend that will allow their address to be used as the official residence of the account holder?
They are either no longer legally resident, but once were, or they have simply used someone else's address. This seems to be fine with PF and I believe some other banks, mainly as residence isn't actually double checked, nor is it later checked to make sure it is actually/still valid. You only need to provide ID and an address. The address isn't necessarily on the ID, especially if the only ID you possess is a passport.
It's only logical that someone just arriving for example will only have a non-Swiss ID which may show a foreign address or none at all.
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Indeed, opening a bank account using a friends address won’t work because the bank wants a copy of the residency permit
We have never encountered this issue. Banks are not immigration and you can definitely open an account without a permit. BTDT several times over the years for ourselves and other people.
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