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Re: Questions to ask if buying a chalet to renovate

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Amazing inputs Meloncollie!

I have checked on solar panels as the canton has a database that states what is possible, and this is an option. Plus the law I just posted states that permission is not required for solar panels (but you do need to let them know, and cannot ignore the requirements for angles and suitability of roof composition etc.)

The comment on the 30% is gold. That has gone straight onto my list!

It is very difficult for the commune/canton to refuse solar panels but you still need to request permission, it is called a "dispensation administratif" here, basically bullshit that you pay for

You have to officially let them know, but usually the installer will do this for you.

The plot of land you have is a certain size on which their is a certain density you can build, ie no more than xxx Cubic meters on xxx square meters of land.

It really isn't easy here, if you don't speak French and don't really know what you are doing, get a project leader to do it for you and pay him. I'm not saying it's not feasible without but the banks will probably balk at lending you money, they are highly risk adverse here
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