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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I was packing up my food at tescos supermarket at lunch time when the middle-aged cashier started to moan about the HOC's vote result last night and said we should just leave the EU. I asked if she knew that Brexit will never be over if we leave without a deal and bigger problems will be created and rumble on for years.

She said that wasn’t true, that the EU caused all our problems namely austerity. I replied that the government and the media have continually lied to the whole country and it had nothing to do with the EU and it is our government that has prevented money being spent in the NHS, education, local services, the police etc. She asked me, incredulous, why the government would do that? I told her to ask people in the NHS, teachers in schools or the police to tell her who has caused their lack of funds over the last 10 years. Then I told her to ask people who work in the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth why they have very little money, infrastructure to deal with imports/exports and why they are worried about the disaster of brexit. At this point our conversation had a audience, lol, and it ended by her looking shocked and saying she needs to read up on it as she didn’t realize.

The thing is, I would understand her lack of knowledge pre 2016, but now?! After all that’s happened since? It still shocks me, the lack of honesty and factual info in the UK regarding brexit. Shame on the political class, the media/people who should know better than spread dangerous lies.

Here’s another example of lies and making it up as you go along, and from someone who has no excuse not to know the facts.

Good for you for helping one lost soul see sense!

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Can someone please explain why Boris is giving a largely political speech with a bunch of police officers in the background? Surely this is implying the police support his position?
My impression was that this was intended to make him look like a strongman. It was apparently sprung on the police and they've criticised it.

Police chief says force was not told about Boris Johnson speech plan
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