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Re: Natural vitamins for children

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I think my reasoning, that in many cases, the parents are often to blame due to their own reactions being passed consciously or unconsciously on to their children could be summed up by one poster who wrote, along the lines of, "How could you make your children eat those nasty, horrible vegetables!"

I'm waiting for Soundgrounder's reply to this!
This is almost certainly the case for some children. Long before I had kids I remember my sister in law saying to hers ‘you won’t like that’ before they even had a chance to try it. Those kids had a very limited diet because the parents had a limited diet. They were also the kids who were allowed to drink coke with breakfast.

Having said that this is far from being the case for all kids. My husband would and still does eat anything whereas the aforementioned sister is a very fussy eater. They were treated just the same as kids. Another brother is like my husband and the third one is more like the sister but to a slightly lesser extent.

Same situation in my family. We were treated equally as kids, there were things my dad ate that my mum didn’t like and vice verse but us kids had to try everything at least once. I would eat everything but my brother was extremely fussy. The only veg he would eat were raw carrots or peas so we had those with virtually every meal and my mum used to hide other veg in things.
I vividly remember one day at school when he was still sitting at the dinner table long after all the other kids had left because he refused to eat the cabbage and the teacher refused to let him go until he did. One if the dinner ladies eventually took pity on him and scraped it off the plate when the teacher wasn’t looking, there was no way on earth he was ever going to eat it.
He is much better now and eats a very varied diet but his fussiness as a kid had nothing at all to do with the behaviour of our parents.
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