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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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no, they have clearly said this is the deal and this is the deadline, not their fault uk mp's are a bunch of scheming back stabbing, self serving bastards.
The question is very valid. You are looking at it from the perspective of a well-informed, rational person.

From the perspective of all those millions of Britons who believe in Brexit as if it was some sort of religion. Who want Brexit to "take back control" but then go bezerk when the UK parliament stops Boris on his tracks. Who accuse British judges of being traitors. Those who blame the EU for being undemocratic but rarely, if ever, vote in EU elections and don't understand how the EU functions. Those who blame the EU for austerity measures when Brussels has zero say on a non-€ member fiscal policies. Those who passionately want Brexit to stop immigration into the UK, whilst they are themselves migrants in Spain or France.

To this people, I can almost guarantee that the EU will be to blame for not granting yet another extension and they'll go mad about it, in spite of the fact that the same group of people do not want an extension. The DailyMail and other media will make sure that they understand this if they hesitate a bit.

Whatever the EU does or doesn't do, it will always be its fault in the view of those uninformed Britons. From the perspective of an EU citizen who has lived in Britain, whilst it saddens me a lot to see the UK go and I feel sorry for all those Britons being steamrolled by the ignorance of their fellow citizens, I would really like the remaining EU governments to cut loose from UK politics and end this charade. I also would really like to extend the red carpet to an independent Scotland and fast-track their membership since its people and politics look like an oasis of peace compared to London.
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